News Room Automation

Octopus7 is a platform-independent, cost-effective newsroom computer system that natively runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It offers convenience, speed and ease of use for every stage of the newscast preparation process.

Octopus7 provides the tools for journalists in TV newsrooms to fulfil all aspects of the news delivery workflow, from browsing and searching source material, to writing scripts and preparing rundowns, for all types and scales of operation from 24/7 news networks to channels with just a few bulletins per day.

With scalability, modularity, support for a wide range of languages, multi-platform publishing and open architecture Octopus7 can be used in any newsroom, no matter the size, language or workflow. Octopus7 is placed in the middle of the news production and, as a key system, connects all other systems in the newsroom such as automation, graphics and teleprompters together through the industry standard MOS protocol.

Octopus7 builds on the success of Octopus6, adding new features as well as updating many Octopus6 features that are now part of Octopus7. New features include Octopus7 Assignment Desk, a powerful planning tool, Octopus7 REST API that opens an additional public communication interface with custom third-party applications, MIS – Reporting tracks the volume of story creation, Octopus7 Social Media allows working directly with social media and Octopus7 Event-based Actions allows configuring the rules that trigger automatic tasks within Octopus7.

Optional Octopus7 modules also include the Octopus Mobile client, Octopus Tablet, NLE plugin, Wires, RSS and other feeds, hot stand-by server, CII and MOS integration and more. With Octopus7 you only purchase those modules that would really be helpful for your users.

Octopus7 is based on the key strengths of previous versions such as installation-free client, centralized updates and a clean user interface. Octopus7 is constantly improved and refined in order to bring an even friendlier working environment, leading to fast and successful broadcasting.

Key features of the Octopus system:

  • Cross-platform client and server
  • Full MOS and ActiveX support
  • Floating licensing
  • Support for Unicode
  • iOS and Android apps
  • Automatic rundown scheduler
  • NLE Plugin

New Features in Octopus7:

  • Assignment Desk
  • Social Media Integration
  • MIS Reporting Tool
  • Topic Bins
  • Event Based Action