Media Asset Management

Media asset management (MAM) is the process and software used to manage high-volume video and multimedia files. It originated within the film and broadcast industry to accommodate the need to manage large rich media files

Sounds a lot like DAM, right? Well, you’re correct.

As DAM has grown over the years to be able to better support rich media files, the gap between MAM and DAM has narrowed. Originally, DAM functioned as a photo, graphics, and file library, before it evolved to support rich media assets and the video production process.

Today, MAM and DAM are often confused as they’re both solutions used to store, manage, and access digital assets. In addition, they both streamline the content creation and distribution processes. They both make it easy to use assets and track that usage with analytics. And they both ensure safe, long-term storage of large files. The distinction lies in the two systems’ intended use.

Since MAM was created to support the video production process, its functionality tends to best serve industries working primarily within rich media content management workflows. But as today’s video production process often involves more than just video and audio files, media teams are increasingly opting for evolved DAM systems over more specialized MAM tools.