When you're watching news, sports, or entertainment programming, whether on a TV, the Web, a mobile phone, or an iPad/tablet, you're watching Grass Valley at work. Customers deploying Grass Valley solutions include leading broadcast and teleproduction facilities, independent video professionals, and emerging content creators and distributors. Take a look at our technologies and solutions and you'll find out why It's Gotta Be A Grass!


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Grass Valley cameras provide the best picture quality along with the ultimate in functionality and flexibility for its users. With six Emmy® Awards as a tribute to our camera design and engineering excellence—including our latest for the LDK 8300 Live Super SloMo Camera—our system cameras, and robotic cameras have captured the world's highest profile, most prestigious events as well as local news and public affairs programming.

The LDK 8000 Elite now supports Grass Valley 3G Transmission over fiber and triax. To further support 3G Transmission, the RefleX SuperXpander large-lens adaptor has been developed to make 3G even easier.

System Cameras
  • LDX Series™ Software Upgradable Camera Platform
  • LDK 8300 Live Super SloMo Camera – Emmy® Award Winning Technology
  • LDK 8000 Elite Series
  • LDK 3000+
  • 3G Triax Transmission (LDK 4400 Base Station / LDK 5418 Camera Adapter)
  • 3G Fiber Transmission (LDK 4410 Base Station / LDK 5420 Camera Adapter)
  • 3G Twin Base Station (LDK 4420 Twin Base Station / LDK 5418 Triax Camera Adapter / LDK 5420 Fiber Camera Adapter)
  • 3G Fiber Power Converter (LDK 4425)
  • 3G Triax Camera to 3G Fiber Converter (LDK 4426)
  • 3G Fiber Camera to 3G Triax Converter (LDK 4427)
  • HD Triax Base Station (LDK 4502)
Camera Control
  • C2IP Camera Control System
  • MCP 400
  • OCP 400
  • LDK Connect Gateway (LDK 4637)
  • EyeCatcher EC 270 2.7-Inch Color LCD Ocular Viewfinder
  • 7-Inch CRT Viewfinder (LDK 4021)
  • 2-Inch CRT Viewfinder (LDK 5302/60)
  • 7-Inch LCD Viewfinder (LDK 5307)
  • 9-Inch LCD Viewfinder (LDK 5309/10)
  • Rain Cover (LDK 5021)
  • RefleX SuperXpander (LDK 4475)
  • Elite Feature Upgrade Kit (LDK 5825/00)
  • Robotic Camera Systems
  • HDC Robotic Camera System

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Grass Valley® production switchers are the gold standard for directors, technical directors, and video production professionals worldwide. Since the introduction of the Model 1400 switcher in 1968, we have defined the leading edge of production switcher technology—pioneering the most comprehensive solutions for everything from live studio and mobile production to small corporate studios and editing applications. Along the way, Grass Valley has earned 17 Emmy® Awards—four for switchers—a powerful testament to the focus on innovation at the core of the company.

From the legendary Model 1400 to the world's most powerful switcher, the Kayenne® Video Production Center, each Grass Valley switcher is built upon the strengths of previous systems. This strategy has enabled us to leverage the past as we prepare for the future. Now, our groundbreaking video production solutions are helping video professionals exploit the growth opportunities ushered in by the digital revolution and the explosion of mobile devices.

  • Kayenne Video Production Center
  • Karrera Video Production Center
  • Kayak HD/SD and Kayenne XL Panel
  • Indigo AV Mixer

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Control Room Automation

As the proven automation leader for more than 10 years, the Grass Valley Ignite® scalable automated production platforms are the first and most complete link between the control room and the newsroom, and provide an unmatched return on investment. That's why over 120 Ignite systems are on the air today.

Because of its highly scalable and modular architecture, the Ignite system's configurations are available for everyone from value-conscious, small-market television stations to top-market broadcasters requiring the most sophisticated video, audio, and control I/O configurations.

The Ignite platform is a software and hardware system that lets you produce and broadcast live SD and HD programs with just one or two operators, including all camera moves. It's perfect for nonscripted events, such as election coverage, talk shows, live entertainment segments, and late-breaking news stories. An Ignite system allows you to produce more live content cost effectively, speed the transition to digital production, improve your on-air look and feel, and virtually eliminate technical errors—all while utilizing personnel to their fullest.

Whether you're ready to fully automate your control room, or prefer to build on existing traditional production operations, the Ignite Konnect platform lets you add production automation to your existing Grass Valley Kalypso® or Kayenne® switcher, and choose the level of automation that's right for you.

Playout Automation

The K2 Edge™ system is purpose-built for multichannel, integrated, automated playout. Whether two channels or hundreds, K2 Edge brings all of the components of integrated playout together in a unified system: media playout, channel graphics, asset management, and automation.

While there are benefits for some facilities invested in traditional playout to continue with that approach, it is too expensive and unnecessarily complex for many of the new players coming online. A fully integrated system offers tremendous benefits, the least of which being a lower initial capital cost. Total cost of ownership is also reduced by streamlining the playout workflow as each tool—server, graphics, master control, and the automation system itself—is seamlessly integrated and purpose-built to work together.

These innovative Grass Valley solutions offer straightforward methods to help you generate rich content—which helps you generate revenue.

Control-Room Automation
  • Kayenne Video Production Center
    • HDC Robotic Camera System
    • SHOT Director (JSC-2300)
    Ignite Scalable Automated Production
    • Ignite
    • Ignite Katalyst
    • Ignite Konnect
K2 Edge Multichannel, Integrated, Automated Playout
  • K2 Edge Express
  • K2 Edge Pro
  • K2 Edge Elite
  • K2 TX/MAM™ Server
  • Cobalt™ Playout Automation Software
  • Channel Composer™ On-Air Graphics Manager

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Desktop Editing Software

EDIUS Pro 6.5 nonlinear editing software is designed to meet the requirements of both a broadcast production environment and the independent editor requiring the highest quality, ease of use, and fastest finishing possible.

EDIUS Pro 6.5 comes with support for a new proxy-based workflow and support for export in MXF formats to servers and professional file-based devices such as P2/XDCAM/GF and Canon XF.

EDIUS Pro 6.5 software also includes many new features such as 10-bit editing support, 2K/4K support, free shape mask filter, and 16-camera multicam editing. EDIUS continues to be the world's fastest editor when mixing formats such as MPEG-2, H.264, and DVCPRO all on the same timeline. EDIUS is WYSIWYG, seeing the full image preview while preserving the original image quality, with no loss of resolution or frame rate. EDIUS enables real-time playback of three or more streams without special hardware (verified in Grass Valley tests on computers with the latest Intel CPU).

Incorporating all of the real-time editing capabilities and features included with EDIUS Neo, EDIUS software also provides support for virtually all industry-standard equipment and formats, including the new Canon XF format and Canon EOS movie format. Supported input formats include P2, XDCAM, GF, AVCCAM, NXCAM, QuickTime, and Windows Media. It also supports all DV and HDV cameras and decks and 3D post production.

Featuring unrivaled video transcoding technology, EDIUS software performs conversion between different HD and SD resolutions, aspect ratios, and frame rates—all in real time. It also features real-time playback of all effects, keyers, transitions, and titles, and can export projects to any format or medium, including Blu-ray Disc and DVD video.

EDIUS Elite is a systemized version based around EDIUS Pro 6.5 that provides comprehensive interoperability with the K2 Summit® server and storage platform, and the Grass Valley STRATUS™ Media Workflow Application Framework. With this interaction, EDIUS Elite enables fast-turn production in environments such as news and studios.

EDIUS Elite has direct access to the K2 file system to provide for editing-in-place for multiple edit stations. As editing clients using K2 storage, there is no need for conversions, processes, or extra components to work with the video, audio, timecode, and metadata information contained in the files on the K2 system. Some of the capabilities this integration provides are direct K2 clip and K2 program import and export. Dolby E/AC3 audio is also preserved.

With GV STRATUS integration, EDIUS Elite includes the interchange of clips and sequences. Sequences created with GV STRATUS can be immediately used on the EDIUS timeline. There are also components such as an Assignment List Plug-in to work with GV STRATUS and NRCS systems in news facilities.

Simul Edit allows multiple EDIUS clients to edit live video, simultaneously ingested by another EDIUS client, in a network editing environment (SAN or NAS).

Desktop Editing Hardware & Software

For those needing hardware support while editing, Grass Valley offers a full range of I/O and encoding devices, many of which are bundled with EDIUS Pro 6.5. These include solutions for HDMI real-time monitoring, 3G 10-bit I/O, HD/SD-SDI I/O, and accelerated Blu-ray Disc encoding.

Desktop Editing Workgroups

For mission-critical operations, Grass Valley offers complete turnkey solutions with a choice of I/O options to suit your ingest and playout needs. Optional software modules are also available for editing a growing file and render management in a collaborative networked environment.

Video Editing – Software
  • EDIUS Elite
  • EDIUS Pro 6.5
  • EDIUS Neo 3.5
  • EDIUS Express
Video Editing – Hardware with Software
    SPARK Series
    • HDSPARK Pro
    STORM Series
    • STORM Mobile
    • STORM 3G Elite
    • STORM 3G
Video Editing – Workgroups
  • EDIUS Edit Station - Desktop
  • EDIUS Edit Station - Laptop

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Grass Valley® multi- and single-purpose converter products provide the I/O capabilities required by today's video professionals and broadcasters, giving you the highest picture quality possible during conversion operation.

Grass Valley converter products are available as standalone or computer-connected (Windows or Mac) units and as computer software (Windows).

Video Conversion Hardware
    ADVC Professional Family
    • ADVC55
    • ADVC110
    • ACEDVio
    ADVC G-Series Family
    • ADVC G1
    • ADVC G2
    • ADVC G3
    • ADVC G4
    ADVC Broadcast Family
    • ADVC1000
    • ADVC HD Family
    • ADVC-HD50
Video Conversion Software
  • ProCoder 3

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Routers and Signal Management Grass Valley® infrastructure solutions include routing switchers (symmetric and asymmetric), control solutions, multiviewer, modular products, and master control to fit every requirement.

Routing Switchers

All Grass Valley routing switchers are designed with four key attributes in mind: signal transparency, reliability, serviceability, and density, whether your choice is coax, fiber, or both in the same chassis.

As exemplified by Trinix NXT's superior 3 Gb/s performance, signal transparency is a top requirement for Grass Valley routing switcher designs. You can also be assured that all of our products meet or exceed SMPTE and EBU specifications.

Observe Grass Valley routing switchers in operation and witness first-hand their proven reliability. We have meticulously designed the architecture and airflow to provide long life. With thousands of routing switcher chassis installed—with over 60 million crosspoints—the Grass Valley product line is a proven winner.

Once you have your Grass Valley routing switcher installed, you will benefit from its ease of continuous operation. All of our Trinix NXT™, Apex™, and Concerto™ routing switchers include full, frontloading, hot-swappable modules for easy servicing and maintenance.

All Grass Valley routing switchers are designed with adequate density to keep their footprint small. However, they are not so small as to sacrifice signal integrity or long-term reliability. Providing superior heat density and using standard-sized BNCs are examples where signal integrity and long-term reliability are more important than density. Each of our product families is a leader in size/performance, including the Apex line with a depth of only 11 inches.

Control Solutions

Grass Valley offers three control solutions, from basic control all the way up to sophisticated control with integration to master control and production switchers.

With thousands of installed systems worldwide, and building on years of experience and customer research, the expandable distributed architecture of Jupiter™ combines performance, efficiency, and reliability in one complete system. Jupiter configures the crosspoints of a single routing switcher and can expand to control multiple systems as large as 4096x4096 across the room or across the country via IP LAN/WAN connections. Up to 96 routing switcher levels can be configured. A line of ten hardware control panels and two virtual software panels (PC-based) provides distributed management of all devices on the Jupiter network. Some hardware panels use full-color LCD displays for enhanced monitoring of routing switchers. Jupiter can also set up tie-lines for transparent inter-matrix operations and support multiple users with unique access privileges and restrictions. Jupiter controls a wide range of Grass Valley routing switchers by means of its proprietary crosspoint bus architecture, and it interfaces with our master control and production switcher products.

The Encore™ control solution offers a scalable approach to LAN/WAN facility control with configuration, control, monitoring, and diagnostics. It offers routing switcher control for Grass Valley and third-party routing switchers from 10x1 to 4096x4096 configurations, server integration, machine control, tally, and automation system interfaces. The user interface offers large, uncluttered windows, shallow menu trees, and large buttons for touchscreen friendly control, configuration, and status monitoring.

The Prelude™ control solution leverages the Encore control solution to provide an affordable alternative for simple routing switcher systems. The Prelude control solution is designed for small- and mid-market facilities as well as adjacent markets, including small studios, sports arenas, corporate and university media centers, and space-constrained settings such as mobile production trucks.


The Trinix NXT Multiviewer is a fully integrated, internal component of the Trinix NXT routing switcher and represents a unique, next-generation approach to live event broadcast and production multiviewer solutions in 3G. It optimizes space by eliminating secondary external components and connections that consume valuable rack space, as well as the need for additional cabling and other hardware—all of which lead to a more reliable multiviewer. Any existing Trinix chassis can be upgraded quickly and easily to support the Trinix Multiviewer solution. This includes every Trinix chassis sold since the product's introduction in 2001. No other manufacturer can make this claim.

Modular Products

Grass Valley modular products are designed and engineered to be mission-critical components to keep your facility up and running.

From single-function applications to complex processing of multiple program streams, our modular products offer a range of analog, SD, HD, and 3G-SDI signal processing and distribution capabilities. Most modules can be set up with the easy-to-use NetConfig™ application and status monitored via NetCentral® SNMP-based remote monitoring software.

View the latest Grass Valley Modular Products Catalog

Master Control

The Maestro™ Multi-Channel Master Control and Channel Branding system offers expandability, digital effects, channel branding, and control options. It includes HD video and AES discrete and embedded audio on a single board and fits in a Concerto chassis, offering the convenience of master control and routing switcher functionality in the same chassis. It features a comprehensive modular control panel and separate computer-based GUI that mirrors all of the functions of the hardware control panel.

  • Trinix NXT Large Video Routing (balanced and asymmetric)
  • Apex Large Audio Routing
  • Concerto Compact Mixed Format Routing
  • Acappella Utility Routing
Modular Products
  • GeckoFlex Frame
  • GeckoFlex Audio Distribution and Processing Modules
  • GeckoFlex Fiber, Analog Video, and Monitoring Modules
  • GeckoFlex Video Conversion, Synchronization and Processing Modules
  • GeckoFlex Video Distribution Modules
  • Control and Monitoring Products
  • Converters
  • Decoder/Encoders
  • Distribution Amplifiers
  • Frame Synchronizers
  • Noise Reduction
  • Multiplexers/Demultiplexers
  • Protection Switches
  • Fiber-Optic Modules
  • Newton Modular Control System
Routing Control
  • Jupiter Routing Control
    • Jupiter Control Panel LD16
    • Jupiter Control Panel LD4
    • Jupiter Control Panel S100
    • Jupiter Control Panel SXY
    • Jupiter Control Panels L32 & L64
    • Jupiter Control Panels S25 & S50
    • Jupiter Control Panels LCD16 & LCD48
    • Jupiter Soft Panels
    • Jupiter Visual Status Display (VSD)
  • Encore Routing Control
  • Prelude Routing Control
  • Sonata MADI Conversion Tools
Master Control
  • Maestro

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The K2 Family

The Grass Valley® K2 platform is a family of server, storage, and application products that can form the foundation of your facility's infrastructure. Based on standard IT Enterprise-class components along with Grass Valley video/audio core technologies, the K2 family provides a rock solid, 24/7/365 file-based infrastructure which can easily expand as your needs grow.

K2 Storage Architecture

The K2 platform's open storage architecture enables it to be easily integrated with Grass Valley applications as well as hundreds of third-party applications. Its QuickTime compatible file system enables easy integration with third-party editors and its powerful FTP capability supports industry standard file formats such as MXF, GXF, QuickTime, MOV, and AVI for compatibility with a variety of different systems. For multichannel, integrated, automated playout using the K2 Edge™ system, file transfer and storage is based on MXF.

Crucial to a file-based infrastructure is bandwidth. The K2 platform has the highest bandwidth capability of any system in the industry with installed systems of over 2500 MB/s of bandwidth. More importantly, the K2 platform has the most powerful built-in Quality of Service feature which makes sure that bandwidth is available where needed and that video playout never drops a frame for lack of bandwidth.

Video Replay

For video replay, the K2 Summit® 3G and K2 Solo® 3G media servers can be integrated into the K2 Dyno® Replay System, with functionality controlled by the K2 Dyno Replay Controller. Additionally, content management of the system can be managed by the K2 Dyno Production Assistant, providing a centralized view of all content on multiple K2 systems with high-resolution browse, enhanced metadata management, playlist generation and playout capability, and powerful rules-based file management.

Multichannel, Integrated, Automated Playout

The K2 Edge system is purpose-built for multichannel, integrated, automated playout. Whether two channels or hundreds, K2 Edge brings all of the components of integrated playout together in a unified system: media playout, channel graphics, asset management, and automation.

While there are benefits for some facilities invested in traditional playout to continue with that approach, it is too expensive and unnecessarily complex for many of the new players coming online. A fully integrated system offers tremendous benefits, the least of which being a lower initial capital cost. Total cost of ownership is also reduced by streamlining the playout workflow as each tool—server, graphics, master control, and the automation system itself—is seamlessly integrated and purpose-built to work together.

Transmission Playout

The K2 Summit Transmission Server is optimized for traditional play-to-air applications that require high-capacity local storage for SD/HD MPEG and DV bit rates up to 50 Mb/s. The K2 Summit Transmission Client performs the same role in a direct attached storage or SAN environment. Both are ideal solutions for playback of up to four channels in a compact, 2 RU, cost-effective form factor satisfying the majority of the world's need for high-quality SD or HD playout.

Media Servers
  • K2 Summit 3G Production Client
  • K2 Summit Transmission Server
  • K2 Summit Transmission Client
  • K2 Solo 3G HD/SD Server
  • K2 Solo HD/SD Server
  • K2 Edge Integrated Playout System
    • K2 Edge Express
    • K2 Edge Pro
    • K2 Edge Elite
    • K2 TX/MAM™ Server
    • Cobalt™ Playout Automation Software
    • Channel Composer™ On-Air Graphics Manager
Media Storage
  • K2 10G RAID Storage Systems
Video Replay
  • K2 Dyno Replay System
  • K2 Dyno Production Assistant
  • K2/Avid Transfer Manager
  • K2 BaseCamp Express MAM
  • K2 Final Cut Pro Connect
  • K2 InSync Software
  • K2 TimeDelay
  • K2 AppCenter Family
  • K2 SiteConfig
  • EDIUS® Elite
Digital Decks
  • T2 Express, Pro, and Elite iDDRs
  • T2 Classic iDDR

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Media Workflow

Grass Valley® media workflow solutions encompass the entire media lifecycle. The Grass Valley STRATUS™ Media Workflow Application Framework gives you the power to customize your workflow for each task and each user. With GV STRATUS, the tools don't define the task... the task defines the tools.

Specifically designed for news production, our Aurora™ Production Suite fits into a complete workflow that spans acquisition, production, and playout. They include feed capture, nonlinear editing, browsing, playback, repurposing, server and storage, and archiving solutions.

When it's time for playout, the K2 Edge™ Smart Playout Center gives you a fully integrated system with tremendous benefits, the least of which being a lower initial capital cost. Total cost of ownership is further reduced by streamlining the playout workflow as each tool—server, graphics, master control, and the automation system itself—is seamlessly integrated and purpose-built to work together.

Grass Valley STRATUS Media Workflow Application Framework
  • EDIUS® Elite
Aurora News Production Suite
  • K2 10G RAID Storage Systems
Video Replay
  • Aurora Ingest
  • Aurora Browse
  • Aurora Edit
  • Aurora Playout
K2 Edge Smart Playout Center
  • K2 Edge Express