SRSG Audio category of products include wide range of microphones from internationally acclaimed brand names, active audio systems, speakers and other accessories for audio category for content creation, production of live shows and microphones for broadcasting. We deal with globally applauded names in the field of professional audio systems like RODE, KRK, Genelac, Sonodyme, RME and hardware and software tools for music and sound production from SPL – Sound Performance Lab. SRSG deals with active audio systems, microphones, audio correction tools, professional audio systems for media, production houses, broadcasting industry and entertainment industry.

Under the banner of Audio category, we deal with RODE microphones - premium microphones and audio accessories for studio, live and location recording. KRK as out audio category brand deals with headphones, subwoofers, studio monitoring solutions, KRK ERGO which works as room correction tool and many such other wonderful products for best audio systems of content creation and production. Genelac is a brand from Finland engaged in active speakers and speaker systems. Genelac deals with active studio monitors. SRSG is proud channel partners and reseller for such respected brands in IT broadcast and media industry. Professional audio systems and products like from Sonodyne is another jewel in our crown. Sonodyne specializes in amplifiers, speakers, and active speakers. RME is an emerging German name in professional audio systems, microphones and other active audio systems. SRSG deals with RME product range. RME is well-regarded for condenser microphones for broadcast, live and music production.


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Australian manufacturers Rode microphones are well known throughout the recording world, it was established in 1967 by Henry and Astrid Freedman, but a lot has changed since the company started out in business by teaming Chinese capsules with Australian electronics. Today, all Rode manufacturing takes place in Australia, the majority of it within Rode's own factory located in Sweetwater, a suburb of Sydney. Its boasts of models such as NT 1A, NT5 MP, Broadcaster and NTG8 which are now regarded as industry standards.


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KRK Systems is one of the world's most respected manufacturers of studio reference monitors. KRK has achieved and have maintained this position by focusing on accuracy, honesty and balanced spectral response with the goal of making it possible for recording engineers to hear every nuance of the audio being reproduced. KRK monitors are tools that are cherished by their owners as partners in crafting great music and mixes.

For over a quarter of a century, KRK has been driven by a design philosophy of precision, transparency, and flat response. Their products deliver on this promise through a combination of solid design and technical innovation. They were among the first manufacturers to take a quantum leap in woofer performance through the use of Kevlar. The VXT monitors are constructed from a remarkable material that allows for its diffraction-reducing shape while increasing internal cabinet volume for better low frequency extension. The pinnacle of audio performance, the KRK Expose E8B uses composite materials that provide the ultimate in detail and accuracy. KRK was among the first to introduce active (powered) monitors that precisely match amplifiers and electronics with the transducer elements. These are all examples of innovations that produce tangible acoustic benefits, not a pursuit of the latest trends or fads. KRK's focus is your mix, and every monitor, headphone and room correction system delivers on


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Genelec active studio monitors are designed for demanding professional use. They reveal the original nuances of the sound, without leaving anything out from or adding anything to the signal in any stage of the production.

This performance is based on more than three decades of intensive R&D work and study of the practical problems in studio monitoring. The wide range of active analog and digital studio monitors cover all professional applications from traditional stereo to modern digital surround sound reproduction with latest digital audio formats.

All Genelec monitors, regardless of size, share the same neutral sound characteristics.


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Sonodyne, the brainchild of Ashoke Mukherjee, India's decorated audio-technocrat was stared in the early 70s with the vision of bringing high fidelity to India. In the early 90s, having established itself as a leading player in the Home audio markets in India Sonodyne expanded its vision to take Indian sound Innovation global. Sonodyne has been designing and manufacturing, -since the late 80s-from its EOU units in Mumbai and Kolkata, niche products as OEM in pro audio and power electronics. In the early 2000s with the Indian economy starting to grow exponentially, opportunities arose in pro audio, install, cinema, and studio. Quickly, the company aligned its design, manufacturing and distribution to meet the professional sound needs of new India. However, there was fierce competition since the leading global brands also targeted this same market. By introducing an optimum combination of research, design, performance, and value into products, Sonodyne has emerged as a strong force in the Indian professional audio industry.

With the growth in markets, distribution, improvements in product quality and manufacturing locations, the next step was to look overseas. The initial offering is a range of active near filed studio monitors that has become the standard in Indian broadcast and production studios. By utilizing a combination of solid aluminum die cast enclosures, high quality transducers and customized high power amplification, Sonodyne SM series deliver exceptional performance at great value. This range is also extensively distributed in Asia through Singapore.

Following Asia, Sonodyne turned to European markets to find a like-minded partner who had the capabilities to introduce new brands and technologies to a crowded marketplace. A three-year search has resulted in a strategic partnership between Sonodyne and The Audio Pros (TAP), London. Apart from being UK distributors for studio, TAP will also be responsible, along with Sonodyne to identify and develop channel partners for other EU nations. The two entities will also be seen partnering in various promotional and endorsement activities to create awareness for Sonodyne's unique offerings. Following Pro Light and Sound, Frankfurt Sonodyne shall be showing the SM range at the September IBC also.


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RME is a young German team of developers with a robust vision of creating innovative, user friendly, and high-quality digital audio solutions for less money. Founded in 1996, RME quickly earned their stripes as a premiere industry provider, expanding rapidly into mainstream international markets.

Each developer on the RME team is either a musician or sound engineer - besides being a specialist in hardware and software development. Additionally, to give their designs a persistent competitive edge in today's market, RME developers regularly network with other industry specialists to exchange knowledge and information - truly designing a line of products with superior quality, and affordable, mass-market appeal.

RME has had a consistent string of successful product releases, earning awards and accolades from the press and the public alike. The enthusiastic response and worldwide support the RME product line has generated ranks them one of the top audio device companies in the industry.

Georg Neumann GmbH (Neumann), founded in 1928 and based in Berlin, Germany, is a prominent manufacturer of professional recording microphones. Their best-known products are condenser microphones for broadcast, live and music production purposes. The company's original product was the CMV 3, the world's first commercially available condenser microphone. It was a rather large (40 cm tall, 9 cm diameter) microphone with several interchangeable capsule heads, which gave it different directional patterns. Because of its shape and size, this microphone was often known as the "Neumann bottle". It is often seen in historical photographs of public events in Germany through the period of World War II.

In 1983 Neumann began to introduce microphones with balanced outputs but no output transformer, starting with the model TLM 170. Eventually this "fet 100" or "transformerless" series was expanded to include the KM 100 modular series of small microphones (with seven different "active capsules" for various directional patterns), the cardioid TLM 193 (using the capsule of the U 89 and TLM 170), the small-diaphragm KM 180 series, the large-diaphragm cardioid TLM 103, the variable-pattern TLM 127 and the TLM 49 cardioid vocal microphone.

Beginning in 1995 the company introduced a series of vacuum tube microphones with transformerless output circuitry: the multi-pattern M 149 Tube, the cardioid M 147 Tube, and the omnidirectional M 150 Tube (based on the classic M 50 design, with the pressure transducer mounted in the surface of a sphere inside the capsule head).

In 2003 Neumann introduced their first microphone with built-in analog-to-digital conversion, the Solution-D D-01. In 2006, the D-01 was followed with a modular, small-diaphragm series of digital microphones, KM D, based on the KM 100/180 series.

In 2005, Neumann began production of its first dynamic microphone, the BCM 705, for the broadcast industry.


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SPL has been developing and manufacturing analog and digital audio processors for the professional music, film, multimedia, and broadcasting industries since 1984. Our products are well-known and respected worldwide for their innovative approach and user-friendliness, but most of all for their outstanding performance.

Among SPL's most celebrated developments are the patented sound optimization processing used in the Vitalizer® products and the first-ever level-independent dynamic processing technique, implemented in the Transient Designer, which inspired a whole new range of products.

The development of the SUPRA op-amps with their unsurpassed 120 volt operating voltage is another technological highlight in our history. The products based around this technology provide an exceptional performance throughout the whole signal processing path.

After many efforts, we also achieved a breakthrough in the development of digital products: the Analog Code® plug-ins allow users to experience in the digital realm the same quality expected from all SPL products.